Berkshire Firefighters Want Your Old Cars

6 December 2011, 05:00

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue are looking for cars and vans to practice rescuing people from car crashes.

The old cars are used to give firefighters hands-on experience of working with as wide a range of vehicles and equipment as possible. 

Each car is used for multiple training sessions to get as much training time as possible out of each one.

More vehicles are now needed for training and RBFRS is hoping members of the public can help.

Group Manager Paul Maynard, who leads the RBFRS World Champion Extrication (road rescue) team, explained:

"We are happy to accept nearly any type of vehicle, it doesn't matter how badly damaged, rusty or old it is.

"We are particularly looking for newer vehicles with features such as air bags and electric windows, because they are more challenging to train on but we would be very grateful for older vehicles as well."

Donating a vehicle to RBFRS is a straightforward process, vehicles are first assessed by an RBFRS technician, who will then arrange for suitable vehicles to be collected.

If you would like to donate your old vehicle call the co-ordinating team on 0118 932 2787 or email