Berkshire Solar Scheme Goes National

4 May 2012, 05:16

A scheme that helps schools fundraise for solar panels is being rolled out across the country after being trialled at 5 schools in Reading last year.

10:10, a climate change organisation, is opening up their Solar Schools programme to around a 100 schools nationwide.

They use an innovative website that allows parents, businesses and alumni to sponsor sections of a school’s ‘virtual solar roof’ online which then becomes a reality once the necessary cash is raised. 

The project aims to cut carbon, boost school budgets, build fundraising capacity in schools and engage thousands of people with renewable energy.

10:10 reckon for every £1 donated - each school will get back £3.

Daniel Vockins from the group says it's a brilliant scheme for children to get involved in.

"They're going to be running around knocking on local business' doors, getting their friends and family to sponsor parts of the solar panel and when it's up and running they're going to be able to use it their lessons.

"There's going to be live energy monitors for them to learn about the sun and the production of electricity and actually start to learn about climate change.

"The money that comes back off these solar panels is going to help them pay for more school resources."

EP Collier Primary School in Reading raised over £11,070 in just nine weeks under the scheme. School bursar Mary Shorland, who led the fundraising drive, said 

“Solar Schools has unlocked the potential within our school community and identified that for many local businesses they were just waiting to be asked for help. This increased engagement has the potential to have a long-term benefit for our school.”

For the next two weeks schools across the UK can apply to take part at