Boundary Changes in the Thames Valley

5 December 2011, 05:00

It's the last day to have your say on a proposed shake up in the House of Commons and what it could mean for the Thames Valley.

Analysts at the boundary commission have suggested plans that would see the number of MPs cut by 50 to 600.

In some parts of the country, this could see some constituencies merging, with MPs losing their seats.

Under the plans, the Thames Valley would keep the same amount of MPs, but some wards would move to make the number of people voting for each seat fairer.

You have until today to have your say on the plans. Click here to find out more.

Here are the details you need to know.


No change to the number of MPs.

Ambrosden and Chesterton, and Launton wards in Cherwell would move to the Henley constituency as will the Radley ward (currently Oxford West and Abingdon).

To provide for a reduction in the electorate of the existing Oxford East constituency, they propose the transfer of the Carfax ward of the City of Oxford to the proposed Abingdon and Oxford North constituency, which, to reflect the changes in this area, they propose to rename from the existing name of Oxford West and Abingdon.

They also propose to rename the Oxford East constituency Oxford.


There are eight constituencies in Berkshire. The idea is that this will not change, but in order to even out numbers, they propose to transfer the Foxborough ward of the Borough of Slough to the proposed Windsor constituency.

Aylesbury and Buckingham

The plan is to move the Haddenham ward of the District of Aylesbury Vale and the Icknield and The Risboroughs wards of the District of Wycombe to the proposed Aylesbury constituency from the existing Buckingham constituency.

North Hampshire

Not much change.

Their proposed Aldershot and North East Hampshire constituencies remain largely unaltered from the existing constituencies, except for the inclusion in our Aldershot constituency of the Fleet North ward of the District of Hart from the existing North East Hampshire constituency.

As a consequence, the proposed North East Hampshire constituency includes the three wards of Oakley and North Waltham, Tadley Central, and Tadley South of the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane, which are in the existing North West Hampshire constituency.

As the existing North West Hampshire constituency has had wards transferred into the proposed North East Hampshire constituency, the proposed North West Hampshire constituency extends further south than the existing constituency and includes six wards that are in the existing Romsey and Southampton North constituency.