Bucks Gritters Get Christened

17 November 2011, 15:35 | Updated: 17 November 2011, 16:12

Schools in Buckinghamshire have named the county's gritting vehicles - with Dave, Abominable and Gritter Bug some of our favourites.

Each of the 25 machines will be able to be tracked by their name as they travel around the county helping to keep the roads safe.

45 schools entered the competition run by Transport for Buckinghamshire in October and 416 names were suggested.

From these 25 names were chosen to christen each vehicle in the fleet.

Steve Jenkins, Network Operations Manager for Transport for Buckinghamshire said,

"We hope that getting the schools involved in this way will raise the profile of our gritting operation and this will help people to support the hard work that goes into keeping our roads safe.

"I am looking forward to seeing our newly named gritters out on their routes this winter and hope that the school children are proud to see the gritters that they named on duty."

The chosen names and which schools they came from are:

  • Abominable (Downley School)
  • Alfie the Grit (Alfriston School)
  • Betty (Booker Hill Primary and Nursey and Mary Towerton Infants)
  • Daisy (Bowerdean Nursery, Whitchurch combined, Broughton infant, St Joseph's Catholic Primary)
  • Dave (High Ash)
  • Frostbite (St Nicolas)
  • Grace (Broughton Infant, Claytons Primary)
  • Gritannia (Hughenden Primary)
  • Gritter Bug (St Nicolas)
  • Lambourgritti (Downley School)
  • Margrit (St Joseph's Catholic Primary)
  • Master of Ice (Holtspur School)
  • Melting Max (Bedgrove Infant)
  • Mitten (Speen C of E)
  • Mr Sprinkle (Our Lady's Catholic Primary)
  • Optimis Grit (Mary Towerton Infant)
  • Rosie Cheeks (Chesham Bois C of E)
  • Salty (Westcott St Nicholas, Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, High Wycombe Combined, St Michaels Stewkley, Hamilton, Manor Farm Infants, St Pauls CofE Combined, Turnfurlong Infant, St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Oakley CofE)
  • Snow Angel (Booker Hill Primary & Nursery)
  • Snowbuster (Burford Primary)
  • Snowdrop (Speen CofE, St Joseph's Catholic Primary)
  • Ice Breaker (Holmer Green Junior, St Nicolas)
  • Ice Queen (Chesham Grammar)
  • The Mighty Thor (Turnfurlong Infant)
  • Yukiko (Japanese meaning child of snow) (Holtspur School)

You will be able to follow the gritters on Transport for Buckinghamshire's Service Information Centre in real time.