Cameron's Secret Visit To Witney Food Bank

3 March 2013, 08:00 | Updated: 3 March 2013, 09:15

The Prime Minister's made a secret visit to the food bank in his Oxfordshire constituency.

It's thought David Cameron visited the centre in Witney in reaction to criticism he doesn't understand how tough times are for some people. 

Witney food bank distributes food to ten families a week who can't afford to buy their own meals, while other charities are reporting big jumps in the numbers they're helping. 

Britain's largest food distributor, the Trussell Trust says it's helping 60,000 more people this year compared to last.

Jo Cypher runs the Witney food bank, and says some have to make difficult decisions: "We've had people coming in saying we've had a choice this week to either buy electric or gas, or we pay our bills or we eat."

Unemployed Melody Hopkins is struggling to provide for her son Toby; "It's sad to think I used to work and I used to do three meals a day. It was great and now it's come down to one meal a day. Toby gets free lunches at school. I haven't eaten today and I'll eat tonight with him."

Mr Cameron didn't meet any of the people who use the charity.