Thousands Visit Hampshire Crime Map

28 December 2011, 12:20 | Updated: 28 December 2011, 12:35

People in Hampshire can find out online what crime is happening in their area after the police and county council teamed up to create the crime mapping website.

More that 48,000 people have visited the site since it started 3 months ago, with people spending on average 6.5 minutes on it. It's hoped CrimeReports will help build safer communities.

Information is supplied by the Hampshire Police, the County Council, Fire and Rescue Service the Probation Service and District Councils. 

Hampshire Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson told Heart:

“While Hampshire and the Isle of Wight continue to be some of safest places to live in the UK with relatively low levels of crime and disorder, this new website is a great way for residents across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to get the full picture of what is happening in their local area.

"The system also includes what the police and partners are doing to improve safety in the local community.
“Members of the public can sign up to CrimeReports and receive crime and incident updates by email daily, weekly or monthly so they can continually be aware of what is happening in around where they live and work.”

CrimeReports is intended to be more accurate and detailed than other crime mapping websites, with information automatically updated with exact place names.