Berkshire & North Hampshire Flood Alerts

4 November 2011, 07:38 | Updated: 4 November 2011, 11:02

Low-lying land and roads around the Emm Brook, river Blackwater and The Cove Brook are at risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency's told Heart people in some areas of Berkshire, North Hampshire and Surrey should prepare for flooding.

Flooding is possible for the River Blackwater including Badshot Lea, Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley, Sandhurst, Eversley, Bramshill and Swallowfield, and the Cove Brook at Farnborough and Cove this morning, with low lying land and roads affected first.  
The Emm Brook in Wokingham could also overflow.

A "Flood Alert" is the lowest-level warning issued by the Environment Agency, and means people in the affected area should be prepared for possible flooding. "Flood Warnings" are issued when flooding is expected and you need to take action, and "Severe Flood Warnings" are for when there is immediate danger and risk to life.

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Hampshire Police have also issued this advice:

When roads are wet they become more hazardous.

Motorists who are taking to the roads today are advised to take extra care and allow extra time for your journey. 

Driving in rain means your stopping distance will double on a wet road so ensure you maintain a safe distance and slow to a safe speed, as there will be a reduction in tyre grip. Brake slowly and gently in order to slow down.

Rain and spray from other vehicles may make it difficult to see and be seen, so keep well back from the vehicle in front, and maintain a safe distance.

On flooded roads, do not attempt to cross the water if it is too deep. If you do decide to cross flood waters, drive slowly in first gear and keep the engine speed high by slipping the clutch. This will also stop you from stalling.

Avoid the deepest water, normally nearest the curb, and remember to test your brakes after you drive through water by pressing down on the brake pedal gently.