Food safety improvements in Wokingham

14 June 2011, 09:36 | Updated: 14 June 2011, 09:59

Six times as many food outlets in part of the Thames Valley getting the highest rating for things like hygiene and cleanliness compared to this time 3 years ago.

Heart's got hold of figures showing more than 230 businesses in Wokingham now get top marks compared to just 41 when the the Borough Council's "Scores on the Doors" scheme started in June 2008.

Businesses are inspected and given scores for hygiene practices, cleanliness and management. Scores range from Five stars (excellent) and Zero stars (major improvement needed).

The number of premises getting zero stars has decreased from 28 in June 2008 to 12 in March this year.

The scheme was set up to give you more information about where you eat, and to encourage food businesses with poorer hygiene and management practices to improve.