Hampshire: More Help for Victims of Abuse

1 October 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 1 October 2012, 12:18

New measures to tackle domestic abuse in Hampshire include taking cases to court, even if the victim may not want to.

Hampshire Constabulary's joined up with the Crown Prosecution Service to make sure people aren't repeatedly victimised by abusive partners.

Police say many victims of domestic abuse are reluctant to help the police in pursuing criminal cases against violent partners, or even seek help at all. Nearly a quarter of the cases reported to police, are repeat offences.
The new measures being brought in include more support for victims and pursuing cases to court wherever possible.
Hampshire police say they will do everything they can to break the cycle of abuse as many people are afraid court action will make their situation worse.
Under the new measures if a victim makes a statement but later wants to retract it they'll be visited by a trained member of the specialist Public Protection Unit Safeguarding Team. This would be for extra support but also will help officers identify and record evidence which might support a victimless prosecution.
Detective Chief Inspector Ben Snuggs said: “We understand that victims are frequently most at risk from a coercive and controlling partner when they seek help, or try to end a relationship. 
"Through this new, joint approach with the CPS we will make sure that victims are well supported, right from the moment they first call us to the conclusion of a trial. We will also prosecute cases wherever we can in order to help survivors of domestic abuse break the cycle of violence against them.
“We also work closely with many other agencies which support survivors of domestic violence in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Their work is critical in helping survivors know that they are not alone and in providing them with practical help, outreach and refuge.”