Hampshire PCC Survey

13 December 2012, 14:22 | Updated: 13 December 2012, 14:37

People in Hampshire are being asked whether more money should be spent on policing or where money can be saved.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner. Simon Hayes, is writing his first Police and Crime Plan since taking office, setting out how he will ensure an efficient and effective police service.

People can take part in an online survey to let him know if cuts need to be made or council tax needs to be increased.

He said: "When I was elected, I made a commitment to be the voice of the people. I spend much of my time meeting community representatives, but I want the public to send views and opinions directly to me.

"When I publish the plan and set the policing element of the Council Tax, I want my decisions to represent the thoughts of as many people as possible, so I would strongly encourage people to complete the survey.

"The public expects more from our police service, but there is only a limited amount of money in the pot to spend. Could the police be doing more in some areas? If so, would people be prepared to pay for it through an increase in the Council Tax? Or if we need to make cuts to ensure people don't pay more, where can we make savings?"

The survey closes at midday on Friday 18th January 2013.