Hampshire: Road Campaign Starts

18 October 2012, 06:00

A campaign to stop people dying on roads in Hampshire has started after more than a thousand were killed or seriously injured last year.

During the 6-month operation Hampshire Police are targeting drivers who use their mobiles, don't wear seat belts, speed, and drink drive.

in 2011, 44 people lost their lives on the county's roads while 1,113 were seriously injured.

Chief Inspector Andy Bottomley, of Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police roads policing Joint Operations Unit, said: 

“We all know that using mobile phones at the wheel distracts you from the road, we know that alcohol affects your response times and we know that not wearing a seatbelt can increase your chances of dying in a crash. We also know that the faster we drive, the more likely the risk of us dying if we crash or killing someone else if we hit them.

"We’re in a position where lives are being lost or heavily impacted by collisions which could be prevented by a bit of common sense and consideration." 

Drivers on major roads most affected by serious crashes are being targeted - namely the A3, A27, M27, M3, A33, A32, A35, A31 and the A2047.