HS2 Debate In Parliament

13 October 2011, 09:50

MPs are debating the High Speed 2 rail line later today.

Hundreds of campaigners are expected to protest outside Parliament later - as MPs discuss the planned London to Birmingham High Speed rail line.

More than a hundred thousand people have signed a petition against the route set to pass through countryside near Aylesbury and Brackley.

Penny Gaines is one of those campaigners:

"What we're hoping is this debate is going to really raise the profile of HS2 its going to cost £33 billion its not going to reduce carbon emissions, it's a white elephant."

But Susan Williams, from the Campaign For High Speed Rail urges the protesters to look to the long term:

"We don't want to slide down like other countries have done in the recession, we actually want  to build growth in this country so I would say to them please look at it in a long term perspective. It will improve the economy all over the country, where the line goes, it will determine the economic benefit that people will feel."

Phillip Hammond, the Transport Secretary is expected to make a final decision in December.