More Eton Dorney Olympic Helpers Needed

11 November 2011, 06:00

Olympic organisers are having a recruitment drive today to sign up more people to help out at Dorney Lake next year.

The Eton College Canoe and Rowing Centre will get worldwide media coverage next summer as the rowing and canoeing venue for the 2012 Olympics.

More than 300 people have already applied, but at least 500 are needed.

Some 30,000 spectators are expected at the venue, just off the M4, for 15 days in July 2012.

To help with the smooth running of the event, volunteers are being recruited, to act as "meeters and greeters" and event support at 14 identified hubs including main spectator arrival points such as railway stations, park & ride sites and town centres.

Volunteers will be given NVQ training in spectator safety and be 'meeters and greeters' at 14 places including train stations, park and ride sites and town centres.

They will work throughout the Olympic competitions from 28 July to 11 August and the Paralympic events from 1 to 3 September.

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