Investigations Start Into Suspected Gas Blast

23 November 2011, 16:23 | Updated: 24 November 2011, 15:31

Two people have been injured in a suspected gas explosion at a house in Ascot.

John and Sylvia Munro, who are both in their 70s, are being treated in hospital with burns. Mr Munro is described as being stable and comfortable, but the condition of his wife is not yet known.

They were airlifted to hospital in Southampton following the blast at their house on Sutherland Chase in Ascot, Berkshire, just after midday on Wednesday. 

Berkshire Fire and Rescue (RBFRS) have confirmed they are family members of a serving firefighter who didn't attend the call-out.

Officers and firefighters helped evacuate neighbouring properties to the detached house. Some other homes in nearby Nash Gardens were also evacuated.

Neighbours from two nearby properties were asked to leave their homes last night until the area was confirmed as safe and went to stay with relatives. The area has not yet been declared safe but checks are being carried out by gas engineers on Thursday morning.

A Fire Investigation Officer is now to looking into how the explosion happened.

Ascot Explosion 2RBFRS said there is significant structural damage to the property and a local authority inspector is there to assess the state of the building.

The front of the house was demolished in the blast, leaving the top of the stairs exposed and a large amount of rubble in front of it.