More Funding Needed For Alcohol Campaign

9 February 2012, 05:00 | Updated: 9 February 2012, 09:36

After a Berkshire teenager died in Newquay in July 2009, two lifeguards need more funding to take their safety campaign to more schools.

Paddy Higgins from Wokingham (pictured) was 16 when he fell from a cliff in the seaside resort after being served alcohol in the town.

His dad, John Higgins, has worked with former lifeguards in Newquay, Geoff and Christine Brown, to produce a teaching pack targeted at 14-18-year-olds covering alcohol awareness and beach and sea safety. It also includes a DVD made by students at a Cornwall school.

Click here to watch the video.

Mr Higgins told Heart he's not trying to stop them having fun, but he wants them to be more aware.

"I believe it was the right age for students to go away and they should be going out there and having fun.

"But like with most things in life there has to be a balance with it and the balance should be they understand the dangers they're in and the responsibilities they need."

 The video's been shown in schools across Berkshire and Cornwall, but they want to take it further to counties like Oxfordshire.

John told us educating the teenagers before they go is vital.

"They're not necessarily aware of all the dangers they face and they need to be educated in that. It's the dangers of alcohol, the dangers of unfamiliar surroundings and just trying to get them to be aware, to take responsibilities for themselves and for each other."