More Girls Could be Victims of Oxford Abuse

30 March 2012, 13:45 | Updated: 30 March 2012, 15:10

There are fears dozens more young girls could be victims of a suspected paedophile ring in Oxford.

A court's heard that 11 girls have already been indentified but police say 27 more haven't yet been interviewed.

Officers are now studying around 2000 images and videos in the hope they will identify more victims and possible suspects.

They've got 100 mobiles to study, as well as a number of computers, after raiding suspects' homes in Oxford.

This morning six men have been remanded in custody after appearing at Amersham Court. They are expected to enter a plea on 22nd June. 

They are charged with a number of sexual offences against girls aged from 11 to 16. Prosecutors accuse them of befriending the girls, plying with them with alcohol and drugs, before sexually assaulting them. 

Seven more are due to answer bail on the 19th April.