New Recycling Website For Oxfordshire

26 October 2011, 05:00

A new website's started, telling people in Oxfordshire where they can recycle or repair stuff instead of sending it to the tip.

Things like TVs and sofas can all be repaired and sold on or charities can give them to people in need.

It's been set up by the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (OWP). The site lets people select the item they want to recycle or reuse and it comes up with charities that will take it.

Cllr Lorraine Lindsay-Gale is chairman for OWP, she says:

"The public are always asking us how to get rid of a particular item and we hope this new online A-Z will help answer those questions and highlight just how many things can be reused and recycled across the county."

In addition to recycling and reuse options, the website also links to hire shops and organisations that repair broken items.

Lorraine adds: "The general public really embrace all initiatives that are put in place to help them to be greener with their waste. We hope the new guide will not only increase recycling but mean more people consider repairing a broken item rather than simply throwing it away and buying a new one."

The Recycling A-Z will be found at