Oxfam And Ebola - Mark Goldring's Diary For Heart

26 January 2015, 11:34 | Updated: 30 January 2015, 11:34

The chief executive of Oxford based charity, Oxfam has travelled to West Africa.

Mark Goldring is visiting the area to find out what long-term help people affected by the disease will need.

We'll bring you updates on his trip all this week on Heart.

Day One

Mark landed shortly after it was revealed nurse British Pauline McCafferty has been released from hospital after battling Ebola. In his first audio diary entry, he talks of his relief and explains what he discovered on his first day in Liberia.

Day Two

On his second day in Liberia, Mark has been visiting clinics that are re-opening after Ebola forced them to close their doors to patients. Several nurses died after catching the disease from sick patients - but now there are enough members of staff to run a basic service. Some women are even attending the clinic to give birth as they would have done before the Ebola outbreak.

Hear Mark's full update for day two here:


Day Three

Oxfam Chief Executive, Mark Goldring speaks to Heart on his third day in West Africa. Today, he highlights the need for funding to help people who've survived ebola - instead of just preventing the disease spreading. He says this is particularly true in areas like Liberia, where ebola is outbreak is relatively under control. He spoke to a man called Stephen - who shared his experiences.

Listen to it here:

Day Four

Oxfam's Chief Executive Mark Goldring has been meeting with the President of Liberia. She's asked Oxfam to prioritise improving the sanitation systems and getting clean water to communities affected by ebola. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said it's especially important for children - as they can't return to school until they're completely decontaminated.

Mark explains in more detail:

Day Five

On his final day in West Africa, Oxfam Chief Executive, Mark Goldring has been visiting an entire village in quarantine in Sierra Leone. He met an 18 year old student called Kadiata Sisay. Kidiata's family was inside the quarantine but she has to stay outside the fence as she had been away studying. The young woman could only speak to her parents from a distance.

Hear Mark's full account of the meeting here: