Oxford: Demo Against Former EDL Leader At Union.

26 November 2014, 12:48 | Updated: 26 November 2014, 13:13

Hundreds of students, lecturers and councillors are expected to hold a demonstration outside the Oxford Union this evening.


They're protesting against former English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, being invited to give a talk at the Union. 

They don't think he should be allowed to share his controversial, right-wing views. It's the thrid time Mr. Robinson, who's real name is Stephen Lennon, has been invited to speak there. The first time was cancelled because of security concerns and the second because he was sent to prison. 

Despite him having left the EDL, 200 people have signed the an open letter objecting to the plan to welcome Mr Robinson. The film director Ken Loach, claimed "He [Robinson] continues to communicate with EDL members and issue anti-Muslim statements via social media". 

Ian McKendrick from Oxford Against Fascism told Heart Robinson's views "aren't shared by people here in Oxford". 

The demonstration will start at 7pm this evening.