Oxford: Five Jump From House Fire

29 January 2014, 11:36 | Updated: 29 January 2014, 11:43

Five people have escaped a house fire in Oxford by jumping from windows

16 firefighters from Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service were called to a house on fire at 02.44 on Wednesday 29th January 2014 on Mallard Close in Blackbird Leys. 

The occupants of the house, who were woken by the sound of the fire, were forced to jump out of windows. One suffered a broken leg, but  non of the injuries were life threatening.

 Station Manager Simon Belcher said ‘they were all so lucky to have escaped with their lives, a working smoke alarm would have warned them much earlier and enabled them to get out much sooner’.

The cause of the fire is unknown with investigations now being carried out.