Oxfordshire Film Screened in London

25 May 2012, 06:34 | Updated: 25 May 2012, 06:38

Three years after a film was made in an Oxfordshire village, villagers have been given the red carpet treatment at their very own London premiere.

Almost everyone in Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor got together to make the romantic comedy Tortoise in Love in June 2009.

It was made on a small budget with locals volunteering their time to help run the production and even appear as extras.

Last night the film was shown in Leicester Square as part of the celebrations to mark its revamp for the Olympic year.

Producer Steffan Aquarone said:

"When you consider all the obstacles that face a low budget independent movie, it's absolutely incredible this project got off the ground.

"But it's because of the willingness of the village to get involved that everything was possible - from finding accommodation for up to forty people, to sorting out a pair of emergency waders at 8.30am!

"Usually on a budget of £150,000, which is what Tortoise In Love was made on, it's impossible to spend enough money on any aspect of the production, but because the village put in so much effort and time, we were able to spend the money on getting a really great cast and crew, and top production equipment."

Heart's Michele Cross chats to Guy Browning - writer and director of the rom-com Tortoise in Love

While villagers in Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor have been able to buy shares in the project, the villages themselves have a 'golden share', so any financial success for the film will directly benefit the local community.

The film's likely to hit other cinemas in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in July.


Feature Trailer - Tortoise in Love from Dave Stephenson on Vimeo.