Plan Your Jubilee Celebrations

15 February 2012, 13:00 | Updated: 23 February 2012, 07:52

Hampshire County Council are relaxing their rules to make it easier to organise street parties during the Queen's Jubilee.

As long as the road is not a through road and there will be less than 500 people going, the county council has agreed that people only need to get a licence to hang bunting from lamp posts. It's to make sure there is a person responsible to remove it afterwards. 

People can apply for a licence to hang bunting and flags on or over the highway here. If the party is held on the public highway people also need to apply to their local district or borough council for permission. Most councils have set up a diamond jubilee web page and are also waiving any fees for this.

The council also says public liability insurance isn't a necessity, but organisers might want to consider taking some out for their own interests. 

Big scale events for more than 500 people or events on through roads or bus routes will need to be more carefully planned - find out more information here.

Tell Hampshire county what you're planning for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here.

West Oxfordshire District Council have set up a website with tips and advice for people planning events, such as links to apply for road closures and insurance.

Councillor Richard Langridge, Cabinet Member for Communities, said:

"Street parties play a big part in this country’s history and we want to support groups looking to plan get-togethers.

"We want to minimise bureaucracy and provide as much support as possible for groups planning events, so they can get on with enjoying the festivities during this special year."

See all the advice here.