More Children in Oxford Playing Out

23 April 2012, 05:00

Loads more parents have signed up to close roads and have a playing out day for their children.

The Playing Out Project started in Bristol and aims to get people to organise sessions where roads can be closed to through traffic for a couple of hours so children can play in the street.

Co-Founder Alice Feguson told Heart it's about children's health also:

"We know that children are basically getting too fat, there's a big obesity epidemic and that's been very strongly linked to the decline in active, outdoor play."

Playing Out Campbell Road, Oxford 2

(Photo credit Hugh Warwick)

Campbell Road in Oxford was the first street in Oxford to have a go last Autumn, now other parents are getting involved, after workshops were held in January.

“It is great to know that so many Oxford residents are interested in making it possible for children to play outside their homes, as was the norm a generation ago.

“Three streets have already planned their first sessions this spring, but we would love to see more joining them and encourage anyone interested to contact us”.

The next ones in Percy Street this afternoon.