Shinfield Road Consultation Ending

9 October 2011, 06:00

A second consultation into the traffic light system on Shinfield Road in Reading is almost over.

The controversial safety scheme was brought in by Reading Borough Council after an initial public consultation in 2010.

But drivers' concerns about the safety of the lights, which replaced roundabouts, prompted Reading Borough Council (RBC) to get an independent review - carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

They recommended the existing scheme be maintained but also made some recommendations:

-Linking timings on traffic signals to reduce queuing
-Improvements to the northbound right turn lane from Shinfield Road into Elm Road
-Possible closure of the exit from the parking area opposite the Whitley Wood Road junction
-Reviewing the use of cycle priority areas at traffic lights
-Reviewing the use of box junctions
-Widening the bus lay-bys
-Introducing loading restrictions
-The possible re-positioning of the bus stop along Elm Road
-Possible downgrading of the road classification of the A327 Shinfield Road from an A road to a B road
-Investigate ways to dissuade drivers from driving over the footways

At a TRL meeting with Reading council in September, the report was put forward with the following recommendations

-A dedicated right turn lane from Whitley Wood Road into Shinfield Road
-A left filter from Shinfield Road into Whitley Wood Road and
-A small reduction in pavement width on the east side of the Shinfield Road to achieve three proper lane widths between the two junctions.

The second consultation included leaflets being distributed around the community and a public meeting on October 1st - before the final day on Monday 10 October. Find out more on how to take part HERE