Tackling Underage Drinking

Wokingham Borough Council's working with police and local schools to help reduce proxy sales in shops and pubs

Wokingham Borough Council community safety and licensing departments are worried the warmer weather will lead to an increase in alcohol related anti-social behaviour, particularly within local parks and other open spaces.

They've teamed up with Thames Valley Police and will be visiting pubs and shops over the next few weeks to reduce the number of proxy sales where people buy alcohol for under 18s. 

This offence carries an £80 on the spot fine or a court appearance with a maximum fine of £5000.

Stephanie Meyrick, Wokingham Borough Council community safety officer, said:

"Raising awareness about proxy sales is important because people, particularly younger adults, think there is no harm in buying alcohol for children and young people. But the simple fact is that they don't realise the impact it has on the behaviour of these individuals and the harm it can cause to them and their families and friends."