Thames Valley Housing List Changes

Heart's hearing thousands of people could be removed from housing waiting lists in the Thames Valley.

Four of our councils have decided to change their criteria for social housing – it means people have to have a local connection such as work or family where they’re applying for a house.

Two others are also thinking of doing the same.

See if your area is affected here:

-          Oxford City Council, which has 4,500 people on its list, decided this week to only accept applications from local people –  so those on the list will have to live, work or have family in the city.

-          West Oxfordshire District Council has made changes to its criteria – and will now only accept people onto the list that have a local connection and a “minimum level” of housing need.

-          Bracknell Forest Council has recently introduced new criteria. They’re prioritising people who are working, over those out of a job. They’re also restricting the list to those that have lived in the borough for at least one year.

-          Cherwell District Council decided in November 2012 that it would exclude applicants from the list if they didn’t have a local connection or housing need. They’re planning on bringing the changes in later this year

-          Reading Council is planning to consult on changes to its housing waiting list.

-          Aylesbury Vale District Council will decide later this autumn if it should introduce changes to the criteria for the housing waiting list.