Thames Valley Support for Pensions Strike

Jobcentres, airports, courts and colleges could all be hit by strike action today as tens of thousands of public sector workers walkout in a row over jobs, pay and pensions.

Unions reckon 400,000 people are going to be involved in the walkouts over jobs, pay and pensions.

In the Thames Valley, Heart's been told around 85% of staff at the Job Centre on Worcester Street in Oxford are on strike, along with 60% of their colleagues at the Witney Job Centre. Pickets were held outside both of the centres earlier this morning.

Kate Douglas, a jobcentre worker in Oxford said:

"I'm on my 3rd year of a pay freeze, my wages have reduced in real terms by 15% and this month they took even more money off me. I work in a job that tries to help get people back into work yet I am hardly any better off working myself."

In Reading, Heart's been told a march by health workers is planned from the Royal Berkshire Hospital this evening.

It comes as 600 off-duty Thames Valley Poiice Officers are joining thousands of others in central London on a march to Downing Street against budget cuts.