Thames Valley's Low Premature Death Rate

11 June 2013, 07:00

Heart's been given figures that show the Thames Valley has some of the lowest rates of premature deaths in the country.

Wokingham's come out top for the whole of the UK – West Berkshire and Buckinghamshire are also in the top 20.

But rates are higher in places like Reading and Slough.

Slough’s rated 109 out of 150 local council areas in the country and Reading’s ranked 78th.

The new figures, released by Public Health England, are now displayed on a map of the country – with a traffic light system that rates areas “red”, “orange” or “green”.

It’s hoped local councils will use the information to try and boost the health of people in “red” and “orange” areas.

Thames Valley Centre Interim Director Dr James Mapstone said: "It presents a clear picture of health in local areas – where it is good and where there is more to do – so everyone involved can consider and agree how to make improvements from a common basis of the same information.

“The evidence is clear - a person’s likelihood of dying prematurely from one of the top four killers varies widely between local authorities due to differences in risk factors, such as obesity, alcohol and smoking and that these are closely linked to economic deprivation.

 “The website goes further than just data, it contains evidence of what needs to be done and case studies of what has been successful elsewhere. 

“We’ll be working hard with all the local authorities and the NHS across the area to bring about the changes we need.”