Thames Water To Create Energy From Sewage

26 September 2011, 13:24 | Updated: 26 September 2011, 13:26

The water company is producing sewage flakes, a renewable fuel that burns like wood chip.

They're creating the flakes, which look a lot like instant coffee granules, at a £1.5 million facility at Slough sewage works.

The company then burns the flakes to generate energy.

They tell Heart it will help reduce their carbon emissions by 500 tonnes a year, the equivalent of taking 180 cars off the road for the good.

Rupert Kruger, Head of Innovation says:

“This is the first time in Britain that a waste dryer has been used to create ready-to-burn fuel from sewage sludge, rather than simply being used as a waste-reducer.

"This innovative approach demonstrates our clear intent to help move Britain towards becoming a low-carbon economy by unlocking every ounce of renewable energy potential from waste.”

The sludge flakes are then transported to a sewage works in East London which generates renewable electricity.