A Third Of School Buses FAIL Safety Checks

8 March 2013, 06:00

Heart's found out just over one in three school buses FAILED safety checks in the Thames Valley this week

Police looked at 49 coaches as part of Operation Coachman to check the road safety of all drivers and vehicles carrying students including school busses, coaches and mini buses.

The tests were carried out by Thames Valley Police and VOSA outside schools in Newbury, Banbury and Marcham Weighbridge. 

8 were found with things like faulty seatbelts and emergency doors and one driver had been banned from driving since 2007. 

12 were checked in Banbury: 3 were found with no problems, 4 were given advisory notices about minor defects, 2 were given delayed prohibitions for defects, 3 were immediately taken off the road for things like the emergency door not shutting, rear access flaps being open.

12 were checked in Marcham Weighbridge: 1 driver had a revoked licence dating back to 2007, 3 drivers were given warnings about not displaying child signs, 1 vehicle had a fault with the emergency door.

25 were checked in Newbury: 1 Private hire vehicle was fined for not having tax, a taxi driver was found without an ID badge, delayed prohibition was issued for defective seat belts on a minibus, and another for a loose wheel nut, oil leak and defective seatbelt.