Tree of Light Project in Volunteer Search

10 May 2012, 05:00

Cyclists from across the Thames Valley are needed for a big celebration happening ahead of the Olympics.

Schools and community groups in Reading, Oxford, Henley and Windsor have signed up to the Tree of Light project.

It's 1 of 4 projects celebrating the local community to have been given £1.2 million funding by the Legacy Trust UK.

At the heart of it is a massive sculpture of a tree that will be lit up with LED lights.

Organisers are looking for 50 keen and experienced cyclists to power the tree, which will act as the centrepiece for performances in the summer.

The cyclists must be able to cycle fast for up to 8 minutes at a time and some will have to have a head for heights. 

A high altitude cycling powerhouse will be built into the wall of the tree, 5 stories high, at around 15 metres and will provide possibly the most unusual ride the cyclists have ever experienced! 

The faster the cyclists pedal, and the more of them that pedal, the more light and activity that is created within the Tree.

Interested enthusiasts will need to commit to a couple of hours of technical rehearsal, a dress rehearsal and 2 shows. The first performance will be in Oxford on 9th July and will form part of the Torch Relay celebrations. The second is the Tree of Light finale at Stonor Park, Henley, on 21 July. 

The project's creative director Charlie Morrissey says, "Using cyclists to generate power for the performance fits perfectly with the environmental spirit of the project. 

"And we liked the idea of involving as many people as possible from local communities - we have dancers, musicians, singers and now cyclists. It's a brilliant way to be part of the Olympic celebrations."

People interested in taking part can email