Ukip Gain In Hampshire Elections

3 May 2013, 09:30 | Updated: 3 May 2013, 09:34

Ukip have gained 10 seats at Hampshire County Council, reducing the Conservatives' grip on the local authority.

The Tories' number of seats was reduced from 51 to 45 while the Liberal Democrats also saw their numbers fall from 24 to 17. 

Labour fared better by increasing the number of councillors from one to four.

The Green Party lost its only seat on the council and independents gained the remaining two of the 78 seats.

Ukip previously had no seats on the council but tonight they claimed almost a quarter (24.61%) of the votes.

The Conservatives had 37.51% of the votes and the Liberal Democrats 21.71%, while Labour had only 10% of the vote.

Ukip's gains follow their strong showing in the Eastleigh by-election when disgraced Lib Dem Chris Huhne stood down.

Ukip campaigned heavily in the February poll and were rewarded with the runner-up position behind Mike Thornton, who held the seat in Parliament for the Liberal Democrats.