Uni students strip to study

4 June 2011, 09:26 | Updated: 4 June 2011, 09:35

A group of students have been told to cover-up - after librarians at Oxford University said their japes were "unacceptable" and "a distraction to other readers".

The student newspaper Cherwell says a circulated email was to highlighted that "Worcester College library is used by visiting scholars or shown in tours to groups of visitors from outside the College - and what seems like harmless fun, as it was not appropriate for groups of people to organise social or other kinds of events in the Library without the permission
of the Librarian."

The student paper says the "Half-naked half hour was founded in 2009 by a group of students who call themselves ‘The Breakfast Club’, and its' members have taken part on a regular basis.

The tradition involves up to forty students stripping off to the waist for around 30 minutes one day a week in the College's  Lower library.

The Library refused to comment further to Heart this morning - but the The Breakfast Club students are said to be planning to continue other traditions including "Beachwear Wednesdays" and "Suit Up Thursdays".