Views Sought On Reading Reservoir Homes

8 February 2013, 07:00

Developers set to build nearly 80 new homes at an old reservoir will have to listen to the public's views first.

A consultation is starting on the Bath Road Reservoir - asking people for their views on how the construction will be managed.

Planning permission for the homes was granted in December, 2012 by Reading Borough Council but one of the conditions was there had to be a public consultation on the proposals before work could start.

As part of the plans, the pump house and Grade 11-listed water tower will be transformed into homes.

Pete Ruhemann, chair of the planning comittee at Reading Borough Council, said: "Residents were understandably concerned about issues like construction traffic, working hours, noise, dust and monitoring the impact on their own homes, and when this planning permission was granted the committee therefore insisted that work could not begin without their being consulted about those issues.

"This is now the opportunity for residents to make their views known on what they consider to be the key safeguards they want to see in place before this large scale construction project can begin."

The consultation finishes on Thursday, February 28 and responses will be considered by the council in April.

The plans can be viewed at the Civic Centre in Castle Street between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

They can also be seen at, under the reference 13/00098/APPCON and 13/00089/APPCON.

Residents can write in with their comments to Justin Turvey, Planning South and West Team, Civic Centre, Reading, RG1 7AE.