Wokingham Half Marathon

19 February 2012, 06:00

Watch out for road closures around Wokingham and Hurst today.

Lots of runners are expected at the event with the following roads affected:

Bell Foundry Lane            - Whole length

Warren House Road       - Whole length

Maidenhead Road            - From Forest Road to the Straight Mile

Forest Road                      - From A321 Twyford Road to Binfield Road

B3018 The Straight Mile  - From Maidenhead Road to Darvills Lane

Darvills Lane                     - Whole length

Hungerford Lane               - From Darvills Lane to B3018

B3018                               - From The Straight Mile to Hinton Road

Hinton Road                      - Whole length

Broadcommon Road        - From Wokingham Road to Nelson’s Lane

Islandstone Lane              - From Broadcommon Road to Nelson’s lane

Nelson’s Lane                   - From Broadcommon Lane to Broadcommon Road

Broadcommon Lane         - Whole length

Wokingham Half Marathon road closures map



Organisers say the roads can be closed anytime between 9.30am and 1.30pm, but will re-open as soon as runners have passed with all roads reopening after the last runners return to Cantley Park.