PM: "Searching Questions" To Be Asked

16 May 2013, 12:47 | Updated: 16 May 2013, 12:53

David Cameron has described the Oxfordshire paedophile ring case as "absolutely appalling'' and "shocking''.

The Prime Minister, whose constituency is in the county, said police, social services and the council would have to answer "searching questions''.

"There's no doubt that first of all it's good that those who did wrong have been tried and found guilty and are going to be properly punished,'' 

Mr Cameron told reporters on his trip to the US. "That is step one. But step two is obviously going to be the authorities - the police, social services, county council - everyone's going to have to ask some very searching questions about how this was allowed to continue for so long, and I know they are already doing that. 

"For the Government as a whole, I think if you look at this we've got obviously a whole range of investigations going on - investigations into what happened in Rochdale, there'll be investigations into what happened in Oxfordshire, the Savile inquiry, and you've got a number of inquiries in different hospitals and care homes."