Big Town Showdown

Nick from Basingstoke was crowned winner of The Big Town Showdown!

Everyday we search for the cleverest place in the Thames Valley in The Big Town Showdown.  All you have to do is answer 10 general knowledge questions as fast as you can... Get one wrong and we add a 10 second time penalty!

Basingstoke has been top of our leader board for several weeks with a whooping time of 36 seconds. Annie from Abingdon who played on Wednesday was back on and had the chance to play again, after we made a mistake on one of the questions.

Annie answered 10 general knowlege questions but unfortunely got a time of 43 seconds, determine Nick from Basingstoke our winner!

Our suprise for Nick as the winner was the Mayor Of Basingstoke presenting Nick with a cerficate! Watch all the action unfold below:

See how your town did here!

Big Town Showdown returns in September! If you would like to represent where you live just fill in your details and we will be in touch!