Michelle's psychic dog Bilbo Baggins!

As Bilbo is our 'psychic' dog we asked for your 2012 predictions for him to predict!

Experiment 5 - As Andy Murray is playing at the Australian open this weekend (21st-22nd Jan), we asked Bilbo whether he will win or not...

Experiment 4 - Will Kate and Prince William have a baby in 2012...? This is what Bilbo thinks:


Experiment 3 - Is the world going to end in 2012..? Here's what Bilbo predicts:

Bilbo will predict the rest of these predictions in due course, we can't give them all to him at once!

Will Michelle become pregnant in 2012?
Will Producer Palvi get engaged this year?
Will England win Euro 2012?
Will Justin Beiber split from his girlfriend?
Should Sam in Buckingham dump her boyfriend?
Should Gracie in Banbury take the job offer or stay where she is?
Will Jordan & Peter get back together?
Will Tulisa be replaced by a triumphant Cheryl Cole on The X Factor?
Will Pat come back from the dead on Eastenders?
Will Usain Bolt win the men's 100m finals at the London 2012 Olympics?

Experiment 2 - The Strictly Come Dancing Winner

After the success of Bilbo predicting the winner of this year X Factor Michelle decided to see how strong her dog’s psychic powers really are. Bring on Experiment two!

Michelle applied the same methods and controlled conditions as the X Factor experiment and so Bilbo had the three bowls of food to choose from, (one each for the 3 Strictly finalists)…but which one does he go for?

See the video right here!


Experiment 1 - The X Factor winner

Last weekend during The X-Factor Bilbo kept barking at the TV everytime Misha B was on...

Bilbo Barking

...and then Misha B was voted off!! So now Michelle thinks Bilbo knew that Misha B would leave the competition and therefore is psychic!

Matt's obviously doesn't believe this and decided to get pet psychic (Michelle Childerley) on the show to discuss things further!

Dog psychic Michelle by HeartThamesValley

So the experiment was on...Michelle placed 3 bowls of food on the floor, one each for the 3 finalists! The bowl that Bilbo eats from he predicted will win The X-Factor. Bilbo predicted that Little Mix would win...and he was right!!! Bilbo is psychic! 

See the video below...