Breakfast Videos

See what Matt and Michelle have been getting up to on Heart Breakfast...!

Are England going to win against Urkaine tonight, Bilbo will tell you...

Bilbo our Heart Breakfast psychic dog (Michelle's dog) predicts who will win England's first Euros game against France:

See the video of Matt and Michelle talking about Miss Marple:

Here's a video to show you what a typical day on Heart Breakfast is.

On our Have a Heart Appeal Day, Matt decided to "Be A Kid for a Kid" and do a little trick...with mugs. How many can you fit on one hand?

2012 is a leap year, and leap years are famous for women to traditionally propose to their partner! See what happened when Anne did the deed to her partner Glenn.

After correctly predicting the X Factor winner last year we asked Heart FM's celebrity dog to use his psychic powers for the good of mankind...So we asked Bilbo Baggins if the world would end in 2012...

Every morning on Heart Breakfast Matt and Michelle give you the oppertunity to put your area on the map by playing their breakfast quiz Big Town Show Down! See what happened when Matt and Michelle suprised Hannah in Tadley.

For Have A Heart, Matt gave up an hour of his time and worked as a Theatre Attendant at The New Theatre in Oxford.

For Have A Heart Michelle gave up an hour of her time and did some dog grooming!

Michelle organised a wing walk for Matt's birthday so he could overcome his fear of flights, but did he go through with it