Hotpants Challenge

Michelle and Producer Palvi took the challenge of wearing these new HotPants that could make them loose 2 dresses in just 2 weeks! 

All they had to do is wear the HotPants for a minimum of 30 minutes each day for 2 weeks, obviously the more they wear them the more they'll work! This effect is maximised during workouts, running, and any other kind of exercise. Also the website states just wearing the Hotpants in bed at night, will also make you loose weight! 

So for the last 2 weeks Michelle wore the HotPants while she was walking her dog Bilko and exercising and Producer Palvi wore hers while sleeping and just chilling around the house! 

We can reveal Michelle couldn't get back into her jeans and Producer Palvi did not lose or put on any weight!

We need to make clear though...both Michelle and Producer Palvi did not wear the HotPants everyday! So they failed to do a simple task for 2 weeks, very disappointing!

If you'd like to take the challenge, you can buy a pair of Hotpants by clicking on this website