Leap Day Proposal

This year is a Leap Year, the year traditional for a woman to propose to their partner which only happens every 4 years!


So we searched the Thames Valley to find a lady who was willing to do the proposal live on the radio on Lear Year Day. A lady got in touch with us and asked for our help! She wanted to propose to her partner who she's already turn down before, not once but twice!

To avoid detection by her partner who we know listens to Heart, we called her Miss X (Ann) and until the day of the proposal her voice was disguised at all time.

We sent Gareth James from Drive and the rest of the Heart crew to Banbury to help Ann out. We arranged a horse and carriage so she could arrive in style outside her work place where her partner works at too. It took lots of organising, lots of secrets calls and we had to keep a horse & carriage hidden from view but finally Ann managed to propose to her partner Glenn and he said YES!!

Leap Year Proposal by HeartThamesValley

Big Congratulations to Ann and Glenn from Banbury!

Many thanks to:  
-Daisy Sadler from Sydney's Exploditions for providing the beautiful horse & carriage.
You can contact Daisy at http://www.sydsplods.co.uk if you would like to hire her horses

-Michael Lynes the jewellers who gave Ann £300 to put towards a ring.
For more details about Michael Lynes, check out their website at http://www.michaellynes.co.uk/jewellery.aspx 

Everyone at sanctuary housing for allowing us to come along and keeping it a secret

And of course to Anne and Glenn!

Below listen to how Ann's story unfolded after she called the show asking for our help...


Also to get an insight on what Mr X is like, we called up his brother. Tony knows both of them pretty well, we obviously had to disguise his voice too.


We spoke to Miss X and Mr X's boss who has worked with them both for about 4 years. We wanted to find out if they made a good couple of not...


Ahead of the big proposal tomorrow, we spoke to Miss X to see how she's feeling and whether she's going ahead with the proposal on not...