Matt's Running The Great North Run!

Matt's taking part in the Great North Run!

BLOG 2: 20/08/10

So, I’ve been in training for the last three weeks doing the same 5 mile run.  It felt like I needed to step things up and go a bit further so yesterday I thought I’d try a 7 miler.  I got about 2 miles into it and just had to stop as I felt really rubbish.  Anyway, I was in the bath and just had the urge to try again so I went out and managed a 9 miler. 

I felt really good about this until I realised that I had managed to do myself a bit of a mischief.   So here’s the vlog but be warned, there is a bit of blood…

BLOG 1: 17/08/10

In less than a month’s time I will be running the Great North Run for the Have A Heart charity.  In case you don’t know, the Great North Run (or GNR in running circles) is a half marathon and will entail me running for around 2 hours in one go.  I cannot stress that last part enough, I will be doing the whole thing at once.  I did ask about doing it over the course of a couple of weeks but apparently that’s ‘not in keeping’ with the whole endurance aspect of the event.

So my friends, to business.  As you know, HAH gives grants to children’s charities who help sick or impoverished kids in your local communities.  Any donation would make a real difference to the lives of these children and would be gratefully received.  Really, it doesn’t matter how much or little you could afford just give what you can.

You can donate easily by going here…

Now, in these days of economic downturns I don’t expect you to do this for nothing so aside from the wonderful warm glow you can expect after you have sponsored me I will also give you this blog for your troubles.

So, to recap.  I’m running non-stop for 21 kilometres, HAH will benefit and you could do something truly wonderful. 

Thank you in advance.

Matt x