Shout About The Show

We need your help and join Team Heart! After having a meeting with our boss last week, we found out we have no marketing money. So we would like you to join Team Heart and shout about your favourite breakfast show.

Here's on our team so far...

James in Basingstoke has to re-tuned all the radios at his local electrical store to heart.

Team Heart - James

David has changed all the radios at his lorry company to Heart.

Team Heart - David

Lyn in Newbury has re-tuned all her Vodafone Shuttle buses to Heart.

Ian has changed his cover page on Facebook to Heart. Let us know how you’ll be spreading the word.

Anthony, a town crier from Oxford joined Team Heart...listen to his cry Anthony will be doing for us when he's out and about...

Town Crier

Bryon got in touch with the show, he owns a cafe in Greece and listens to the show via the internet.

Bryon in Greece

Claire and all the nursery nurses from Green Park Nurseries are planning to brainwash the children into telling their parents to listen to the show

Green Park Nurseries 

And we’d love to see you doing it  - make a video, take a picture send it to us.

  • Maybe you’re at school and your class want to shout it
  • You could change your cover photo on your facebook
  • Do you work in a Supermarket – can you do a tannoy announcement?
  • Are you a café do you want to put on – The Heart Breakfast Breakfast?
  • Change your answer phone message

Let us know what you have planned, we would love to speak to you! Just fill in the form and someone will get back to you.