St George's Full English Breakfast

Matt and Michelle both have different views on what should be on a full English breakfast! Matt must have black pudding and Michelle said she must have chips!! Matt nearly fell of his seat when Michelle revealed this!  

To settle the arguement both Matt and Michelle created their own full English breakfast and we found two cafes in the Thames Valley who were willing to sell them on St George's Day. 

Matt's English breakfast includes Sausage, Bacon, Black Pudding, Fried egg, Grilled Tomato and Fried bread.
Matt's breakfast will be available at The Brown's Cafe, Avenue 4, Oxford Covered Market.

Matt's Cafe in Oxford


Michelle's English breakfast includes Scrambled Eggs, 2 x Toast, Grilled tomato, Sausage, Bacon, Chips, Beans and Mushroom.
Michelle's breakfast will be availbe at The Gorge Café, Caversham.

Michelle's Cafe in Caversham

The Results - Matt's cooked breakfast on-sell at The Brown's Cafe in Oxford sold around 20 breakfasts! Unfortunately, we couldn't get hold of The Gorge Cafe in Caversham so we're yet to find out how Michelle's breakfast did. As soon as we find out, we'll let you know!