Luke Smith

Luke’s no stranger to the area spending his time in the Thames Valley whilst at Uni. Luke is also a DJ in the area. “Being on the radio is great fun, but there’s something very special about seeing the reaction of a crowd immediately (something you don’t get in a studio), plus in a club I can play as much 90’s as I like, my favourite!”

Although most of Luke’s time in the afternoons is spent at Heart, if you listen carefully on some TV stations you may hear Luke’s voice in between programmes, or on adverts. More recently he’s been the very strange voice of a particular cartoon character (But he won’t tell us which one!)

Luke loves cinema and theatre, and can often be found at the cinema in Oxford or Reading with his membership card! "My favourite type of film has to be a good thriller. I will never turn down a ticket to a decent gig either... live music is great as long as the night starts with a meal out as eating is unofficially my other hobby. My favourite type of food? Chinese duck…mmm. Shame I don't go to the gym quite enough to work it all off!” (Isn't duck one of the fattiest foods?)

Luke loves to hear from people during his show, so call him on 0345 481 00 11 or e-mail him here and he could call you back and get you on-air!