190 People Help Young Girl With Cancer

29 April 2010, 10:10 | Updated: 30 April 2010, 09:20

190 people turned out in Torquay to try to help save a young girl's life from cancer.

14 year old Alice Pyne, from Cumbria, fell seriously ill while in the Bay last month. She and her family were on a free trip given courtesy of Torbay Holiday Helpers Network, a group of local hotels & businesses offering free holidays here to seriously ill children and their families. Alice subsequently spent several days in Torbay hospital before being transferred, having had just two days of her holiday.

Her condition is Hodgkins Lymphoma - a type of Cancer, meaning she needs a bone marrow transplant. Because of her course of treatment though, she now has only 3 weeks left to find a matching donor, so the people who met Alice & her family here in Torquay are trying to help.

They organised an event with the Anthony Nolan Trust at St Matthias Church, Torquay on Weds 28th April to try and help find a DNA match. They appealed for as many people, aged 18-40, as possible to come down.

190 people were swabbed to see if they could be a donor.

Organiser Luke Tillen spoke to Heart about how the event went - Listen to the interview here