Alcohol & Parenting Don't Mix

A campaign will be launched later this month to encourage parents in Torbay to think about how their own drinking habits impact upon their children. 

The campaign called 'alcohol and parenting don’t mix' will see three different types of posters on the back of buses using local routes, in addition to posters being displayed at a number of venues across Torbay, including schools and GP practices.

The posters display a number of hard hitting images, showing the potential consequences of parental drinking. 

Mark Richards, Project Manager for Public Health and Community Safety: LISTEN HERE

The images include a toddler at the top of the stairs, demonstrating how drinking alcohol when parenting could impact on the safety of small children, while another poster shows a child left at the school gates, showing the impact that drink can have on home routines and the final poster shows how parental drinking habits can influence the behaviour of children.

The Torbay Alcohol Service accepts self referral and is able to offer a range of advice and support. 

  • 26% of adults in Devon and Cornwall drink at hazardous or harmful levels
  • 62 MILLION pounds is the overall cost of alcohol to the public purse


The service can be contacted on 01803 604334

More information about the support and services available can be found at