The Damage Caused By Drink Drivers

Devon and Cornwall Police are highlighting the damage that can be caused by drink driving. 

Their annual drink-drive Christmas campaign is being launched today, and they've released dramatic footage of a drink-fuelled collision to show the devastation that can be caused. 

In March this year, Kevin O'Neill was seriously injured when a drink driver crashed into his pub in Brixham, crushing him.




45 year old Leigh Brennan had been drinking when he lost control of his car at 60 miles per hour, ploughing into the Three Elms pub. 

Landlord, Mr O'Neill was standing in the porch when the car hit and trapped him. 

He suffered a crushed pelvis, broken ribs and spinal injuries. In July the driver received a 12-month prison sentence and was banned for driving for two years. 

As seen in the CCTV footage, a group of people were stood outside the pub, just before the collision.

Inspector Richard Pryce says: "it's a miracle no-one was killed." 

Officers in Devon and Cornwall will be carrying out roadside checks in the evenings and early mornings. 

They will also breathalyse all drivers involved in a collision.

Meanwhile in Plymouth designated drivers will be able to get free soft drinks in most city centre pubs in the run up to Christmas.