Firms Help Local Family

Local firms are helping a Torbay disabled man, and his dedicated family who look after him.

47 year old Neil Wright, who was born with autism & severe learning difficulties was cared for by his mother, but had to move in with his sister & her family when his mother unfortunately passed away.

His sister, Jane Bemand-Wright and her husband Daniel were building Neil an extension to give him his own space, as their home was cramped as they have two children themselves, but ran out of money during the work and couldn't get a grant to finish it.

Carers charity Crossroads appealed to local firms for help getting the project finished, and many've now responded to help the family. Windows, a roof, a new kitchen and building supplies've all been donated by firms to help finish the job.

Jane said “Neil has learning difficulties but in many respects his autism is the bigger challenge because it means he almost likes to live in a box with everything in its place, for example if you were to move an ornament he’d notice it and  be distressed.

 “With two young children you can imagine the noise and disruption – he has been becoming so distressed he would simply go and spend all his time alone in his room, which isn’t good for him.   

 “At the same time with all of us in the same bedroom it isn’t good for the children because when we come to bed we disturb them and there’s no where for us to put their toys. I know that was a really big issue for my husband – that we didn’t have a nursery when Aston was born and you do see nice things for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms that you would like to buy but know you can’t.

 “But now my children are going to have their own room by Christmas and Neil is going to get a quiet space where he can feel secure. The businesses who are getting involved have been an absolute godsend, we can’t thank them enough, it’s just such a huge relief."