The 'Honest Truth' About Safer Driving

A young person is killed on UK roads every 18 hours, while another suffers a serious injury every 90 minutes.  

In 2009 a fatal accident in South Devon took the lives of three young people and this, coupled with the shocking statistics, triggered The Honest Truth campaign.

17 to 24 year olds make up just 10% of the population but in recent years have been responsible for half the crashes blamed on excess speed and half of crashes involving only one vehicle and The Honest Truth Campaign wants to see these numbers reduced.

More than 300 driving instructors are set to receive brand new resources from the pioneering new campaign to help educate learner drivers about the risks they face on the road after they pass.




The material which stresses small changes save lives, features animal-human hybrids which each relate to eight bad habits that could cause fatalities.


  • A cheetah for speed, which is one of the major causes of accidents
  • A bulldog for drink, the accident rate increases after just one drink
  • A lizard for drugs, which can cause slower reaction times and poor concentration
  • A parrot for mobile phones, you are four times more likely to crash is you use one
  • A peacock for showing off, excessive engine revving could get you a warning from the police
  • Chimps for distractions, carrying passengers increases your risk of a crash
  • A rhino for wearing seatbelts, a life would be saved every day if everyone wore one
  • A donkey for insurance, incorrect insure could see the car seized


Each of the topics feature statistics and heart breaking true life stories.


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